Token Vault Interactions

Of all entities available, TokenVaultInteractions is perhaps the most powerful. It is triggered by any deposit or withdrawal with the Revest system. It can be triggered via the TokenVault itself or from any contract implementing the IOutputReceiver Interface. It has the following definition.

  1. ID - The actual hash of the transaction that emitted the relevant event-logs.

  2. Transaction - more detailed information about the relevant transaction

  3. User - The address which is the recipient of the interaction. If the event was a deposit, it represents the address the corresponding FNFT is being minted to. If it was a withdrawal, then it is the recipient of such withdrawal.

  4. smartWallet - Revest uses counterfactual smart-wallets to secure your tokens, giving each deposit its own smart-wallet address. Given as some events were involving the old tokenVaultV1, which did not utilize this system, this field may not be relevant or filled in your query results.

  5. isDeposit - A boolean evaluating true if a deposit, and false if a withdrawal occured.

  6. isTokenVaultV2 - A boolean evaluating true if the event was emitted by the TokenVaultV2, and false if the event was emitted by a contract implementing IOutputReceiver

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